Thomas Aquinas, Pope Innocent III, and Bonaventura. Woodcut engraving after a detail (The Disputation) from the famous frescoes by Raphael (Italian painter, 1483 - 1520) in the Raphael Rooms, Vatican from the book "Die Welt in Bildern (The World in pictures)" by Dr, Chr. G. Hottinger. Published by himself, 1881

The TIU to Offer its First Nine Courses Beginning January 15, 2018

By now you may have already heard the exciting news: the Thomas International University is finally a reality, and we will be launching our first 26 online courses in 2018! These courses will allow us to further our mission of renewing culture by offering students the opportunity to explore the classical and Christian wisdom of western civilization.

Our courses, which are taught by leading scholars, focus on a wide variety of topics ranging from bioethics to the nature of the spiritual soul to the history of the American Constitution. In each course, however, a special emphasis is placed on viewing the subject matter through the lens of the greatest insights to emerge from the classical and Christian intellectual traditions.

Nine of our courses will be available beginning January 15. Please click on the course titles below to learn more!

The Invention of Philosophical Rationality

Tolkien’s Catholic Beauties in the Lord of the Rings

Revelation and Reason

The Soul as a Divine Fragment in Early Greek Philosophy

The Declaration of Independence and the Purposes of Government

Aristotle on Space and Time

Basic Principles of the Original American Constitution

An Introduction to Plato’s Republic

American Constitutional Principles I: From the Declaration of Independence to the American Constitution

We hope that you will consider taking one of our courses, which are all available to the general public. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit our university website by clicking here!

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