Thomas International Center Facebook Campaign Network for Good

TIC Launches Fundraising Campaign, Challenge Commitment Issued

The Thomas International Center has launched a fundraising campaign through Facebook to support the Corporation For Educational Advancement, the legal charity that promotes us. We are about to offer our first online university courses in January 2018, and we are also promoting some new publications related to Saint Thomas Aquinas. To accomplish these vital goals, however, we need your support. To be more precise, we need to raise $20,000 to realize these visions and continue to advance cultural renewal in light of the Western and Christian intellectual traditions. Therefore, this is the amount at which we have set our fundraising goal.

The campaign has gotten off to a promising start as we have already received a “challenge commitment” from two anonymous donors. These donors will match all gifts to the TIC up to a sum total of $1,000. The gifts should be unrestricted, as is the match. This commitment will accelerate our progress toward our fundraising goal. Please prayerfully consider making a challenge gift to help us share the classical and Christian wisdom of Western civilizations.  Please also pray for the anonymous donors who issued the challenge commitment. We are indebted to them!

I believe that we can make a difference together. Every little bit helps!