Thomas International University to Offer Our First Courses!

We are excited to inform you that, as announced last year at the St. Nicholas Ball, starting in January of 2018, the Thomas International Center will begin to operate as the Thomas International University. We are exceeding even our own expectations, as we will be activating many more courses than we thought we thought last year.

We will be offering our first courses in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. These courses will follow a twofold division: we will offer both accredited courses for degree programs and unaccredited courses for continuing education. The accredited courses will be available through our partner institutions, and the continuing education courses will be available through our website. The complete 2018 program will be announced soon, but here is a sample of the courses we will offer:

  • The Birth of Philosophy and the Logic of Becoming
  • The Crisis of Beauty from Ancient Philosophy to J.R.R. Tolkien and R. Wagner
  • American Constitutional Principles I: From the American Declaration of Independence to the Constitution
  • Foundations of the Catholic Faith: From Philosophy to Prayer
  • An Introduction to Plato’s Republic
  • The Ancients on the Soul and the Mind-Body Problem
  • Bioethics: End of Life Issues and Stem Cell Research

Stay tuned for more information!