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Opt-Out Provision

Once you visit us, we place a cookie on your computer in order to help this website work better for you. (Please see Terms & Conditions.)

In addition to improving your experience on this website, the cookie allows us to collect limited information about your website activities on this and other websites so we can send you targeted information we believe you may wish to receive, and so we can analyze which topics interest members and visitors, which helps us plan future lectures and courses. For example, if you spend more than a few minutes reviewing a recent featured article, we will notify you the next time we post information on that subject. We realize this activity makes information gathering more convenient for some of our friends yet may seem invasive to others. As a result, we want you to know you always can “opt out” of these communication activities.

Once you opt out, we will place an opt-out code in your installed cookie. You will no longer receive any advertising or emails from us. (If you rely on Thomas International Center emails to inform you of upcoming lectures, you will want to leave the cookie as an opt-in option.)

You will have to contact us via email before we will be able to reverse an opt-out decision.

Occasionally, you may inadvertently disable the opt-out protection. For example, you may use a different device, change browsers or delete your cookies from your browser. Of course, if the cookie isn’t on the device, it can’t communicate with our website; thus, you may need to opt out again to correct this issue.