An Introduction to Plato’s Republic

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15 Jan at 12:00 AM

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Thomas International Online University, New Courses 2018


About this course

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to Socratic-Platonic political philosophy through a careful study of Plato’s most comprehensive work, the Republic.  Commonly known as a book outlining a political utopia, Plato’s Republic is in truth a comprehensive reflection on the nature of the human soul, its longing for justice, and its place within the universe.  The Republic is also complex, elusive, and often outrageous.  In the course of reading the Republic, we shall consider many of the crucial questions it presents to us:  What is justice?  Is it good to be just?  What is the best form of government?  the best education?  the best way of life?  What are the obstacles in the way of these things?  What is truth and how do we find it?  We will read the Republic slowly and carefully and contemplate Plato’s responses to these questions.

Lectures by Dr. Jonathan Culp

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