An International University Rooted in Catholic Intellectual Tradition

The Thomas International Center will become the nucleus of a new private, independent university system.

University Mission Statement
The TIC Board envisions a University as a community of teachers and students

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A diverse group of college students.

Renew our Culture

Thomas International is a project of cultural renewal that seeks to bring the classical and Christian intellectual traditions to bear on contemporary intellectual life, initially through several research institutes, and eventually through the establishment of an international university system with its main campus in the United States.

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Liberal Arts

The University will begin with an undergraduate liberal arts program – in which students will have the opportunity to pursue some of their studies in Italy (at a Thomas International campus there) – and with a graduate program in philosophy. Other graduate programs will be added, depending on resources and local interests. The ultimate, long-term … Continue reading Liberal Arts

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Guiding Principles

A key conviction of this project and university is that knowledge is an integrated whole, with sound philosophy and theology providing guiding principles to other disciplines. This approach offers an alternative to the relativism and even skepticism about genuine knowledge of the human good that characterizes contemporary university life, and the dis-integration of academic life … Continue reading Guiding Principles

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Career Preparation

The College of Liberal Studies will be the framework for all the undergraduate programs, and all students will follow an ample core curriculum, since one of the goals of a liberal arts education is to equip people with the intellectual capacities needed to thrive in any area of study. As other undergraduate pre-professional programs are … Continue reading Career Preparation

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Academic Excellence

The university will combine a commitment to classical moral and spiritual ideals with a commitment to academic excellence and to active participation in contemporary intellectual and cultural reflection and discussion. Our desire to “engage” the culture leads us to emphasize excellent scholarship more than many other schools that are solidly rooted in the Thomistic intellectual … Continue reading Academic Excellence

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Conscience Practical Syllogism Truth fulvio di blasi

Discussion-Driven Classes

Students will expect unusually active contemporary intellectual discussions. Our hope is that this distinction will begin with a core class of scholars who are well-established in their secular disciplines. We look forward to innovative education, steeped in classical Catholic intellectual discipline and rich, mature discernment.

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Individual Impact

A second area of distinctiveness will be our approach to university teaching. Mass university education today makes it difficult for students to have the kind of tutorial (one-on-one) work that has been an essential component of classical universities such as Oxford, at their best. Our hope is to work out a way of integrating graduate … Continue reading Individual Impact

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The Model: Thomas Aquinas

Aquinas’s thought provided a synthesis of the key intellectual traditions in his time. Especially important features of Aquinas’s thought were its universality and its unity: it confronted the fundamental questions that face human beings in all times and places, it provided a framework within which various sciences could be integrated into a whole, and it … Continue reading The Model: Thomas Aquinas

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Objective Truth

Today, when knowledge seems to be fragmented into hyper-specialized studies, when people often doubt the very possibility of objective knowledge, and when many think there is an unbridgeable gulf between science and faith, Thomas’ thought sets the right direction for a revival of truth in ethics and metaphysics.

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