Ancient Wisdom and Thomistic Wit

Recommended Book of the Week

Fulvio Di Blasi

In Ancient Wisdom and Thomistic Wit, Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi explains difficult ethical concepts and arguments from Thomas Aquinas and his Ancient Greek predecessors, making them accessible even to readers with no previous background in philosophy. All the while, the author makes the topic engaging by demonstrating the relevance of ancient and medieval insights to contemporary life and popular culture.

“”I have often encountered, both with young students and adults, the difficulty of making them understand the existential meaning, so to speak, of the technical notions of moral philosophy…In my teaching experience, there is no concept, though sophisticated and difficult, that cannot be easily explained even to very young students or to people who have no background knowledge of the scientific field to which that concept belongs.” (from the Author’s Introduction)

“[Fulvio Di Blasi] may be one of the two or three best young catholic philosophers in the world today” (Ralph McInerny, 2004), From Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas Natural Law, Practical Knoledge, and the Person (2017) Fulvio Di Blasi is an Italian attorney and international scholar expert in moral philosophy and natural law theory. He is the Director of the Thomas International Online University. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law from the University of Palermo, and has taught in several universities both in Europe and in America. His books include, God and the Natural Law (2003), John Finnis (2008), Ritorno al diritto (2009), and Questioni di Legge Naturale (2009).”

The book is available in English HERE, and in Italian HERE.