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Where deep thinkers come to change the world

Thomas International Center is reigniting the classical tradition of philosophy and theology, the cultural root of Western civilization. With global centers in Italy and North Carolina, the Center brings together the world’s leading ethicists and philosophers to promote international scholarship focused especially (though not exclusively) on the thought of Thomas Aquinas.

The Center’s goal is not simply to promote historical knowledge, but to renew our culture. It exists to foster engagement between classical and contemporary thought, in all branches of human knowledge, in order to confront the perennial questions of the human heart and seek solutions to the problems facing our society.

The Center is committed in the long term to build a world-respected four-year private liberal arts university in the Catholic intellectual tradition located in the Triangle. As a step towards this lofty goal, we have begun the implementation of an online university. This online university is an important move towards building the notoriety and finances necessary to open a campus.